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Concrete Patios, Fire Pits, and Pool Surrounds in Utah County, UT

Installing a new patio, pool surround, and fire pit allows you to entertain your friends and family while simultaneously increasing the value of your home. At Commodore Construction, we provide homeowners throughout Utah County, UT with high-quality concrete installation services. Throughout the years, our concrete contractors have been helping to provide transformative concrete work for homeowners throughout the communities we serve. We use high-quality materials and trusted techniques to ensure that your patio, fire pit, or pool surround can withstand Utah’s extreme weather. Speak with one of our team members today to schedule your project consultation.

patio firepit with mountains in background

Transformative Concrete Patio Installation

Concrete patios installed by our expert concreters are an extension of your living space. During the summer and spring, you can entertain your friend and family on a custom-designed patio for your home. Our professional team is available to ensure your patio is installed to meet your needs. We can customize the size and design of your outdoor patio with decorative stamping. There are numerous benefits to installing a patio, including:

  • Improved Home Value
  • Low Maintenance
  • Easily Customizable
  • Excellent Performance
  • Fast Installation
Two chair with the bonfire on the circular

Entertain With a Fire Pit Installation

You can get comfortable around your brand-new fire pit installation during the summer evenings. A new fire pit is an exciting centerpiece for your outdoor space. One where people will gravitate towards during any event. Our concreters can design and install a custom fire pit installation in your yard. Whether you have an existing space for your new firepit or need our team to plan a space for it, we can help. We have successfully installed countless firepits in backyards throughout the community. Some of the benefits of installing a concrete fire pit include:

  • Outdoor Ambiance
  • Added Outdoor Functionality
  • Entertainment
  • Added Home Value
concrete surrounding a pool

Improved Safety and Style With a New Pool Surround

It’s crucial that the area surrounding your pool is safe and secure for swimmers and sunbathers. Whether you’re installing a new in-ground pool or your existing pool surround is beginning to deteriorate, you can count on our professionals to install a new pool surround that is durable and level. We can create a wide variety of pool surround styles to meet your needs. Our team also offers concrete stamping and staining to give your surround a unique look.

Improve Your Outdoor Space With Our Concrete Services

Homeowners are spending more time at home than ever before. Shouldn’t you use every square space available to you? Our team can ensure you enjoy your outdoor space with our patio, firepit, and pool surround installations. At Commodore Construction, we’re committed to ensuring that you’re satisfied with the final product. Our team uses reliable installation methods and high-quality products. We never cut corners, so you can feel confident you’re getting an exceptional product. Contact us today to schedule your concrete installation.

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